Skin tones


















Eye colors

Total Count : 149

Total Categories : 12

More traits at launch


Release Christina Carlson NFT single “Sang of Love” 999 copies

• Release at mint

• Non-NFT Music will also launch on normal platforms!

Commencement of the Symposium

An array of academic clubs which will feature tournaments where holders can compete for prizes. Classical Girl holders who prove their academic pursuits are noble and steadfast within these rooms will be made mods and given more opportunities!

6 live zoom classes by our NFT artist, Megha who is also a professional educator.These will be interactive sessions covering history topics you wish you learned in school such as

“What really triggered the Renaissance? Who were the Samurai? What happened during the Crusades? And the dominoes that fell leading to the French Revolution.”

$11,111 to My Sister’s Place

My Sister’s Place is a charity that strives to end domestic violence and human trafficking by providing free education, outreach, and confidential supportive and legal services to women.

Book/Art Club

• Our artist will start a book club featuring literary masterpieces
• This will double as an art history club that studies classical artpieces such as -The death of Socrates -Las meninas -Mona Lisa -Ucello’s battle of San Romano -The work of Giotto -Botticelli’s spring -Birth of venus

Voucher for Megha’s original ebooks on gumroad- about poetry and classical literature.

• Fashionable and feminine organic cotton clothing
• Useful merch like water bottles, notebooks, stickers, mugs, biodegradable phone cases, organic tote bags, and men’s shirts and tanks
• Theme is on-brand, promoting merch that resembles our values of education and self-development, health, community, virtue, self-care and beauty.
• Over time, we plan to scale up to unique high-end merch
• There will be exclusive merch items for classical girl holders, including the ability to get merch made for your specific classical girl.
• Merch program will include a referral reward system

Release of Christina Carlson music video “Sang of love” as a video NFT. Our music video was made with a large budget and professional film team
$222,222 donation

This donation goes to the ASF Pakistan charity for women harmed by acid burn attacks

Token/Stake- We reintroduce the “Florin”

• Owners of Classical girls can participate in the Royal Reminting of the Florin to earn passive income so they may continue their studies of the classics
• Owning a CG will also get you access to pre-sales and discounts for Future Projects from the CGIS and Cryptocracy NFT Universe. Next up - Future Girls by Azin Lazzuli

Christina Carlson’s 2nd single NFT - “Valkyrie” TBA units

Scroll down to see our second roadmap!


My Sister’s Place

My Sister’s Place is a charity that strives to end domestic violence and human trafficking by providing free education, outreach, and confidential supportive and legal services to women.

ASF Pakistan

ASF Pakistan aims to eradicate acid violence from Pakistan and ensure that survivors’ human rights are protected and enforced.

Justice Centre Canada

Justice Centre Canada is a legal organization and federally registered charity that defends citizens’ fundamental freedoms under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, through pro bono legal representation and through educating Canadians about the free society.

***The final amount donated to charity will depend on how much we sell***


11 ETH

Release of 111 special edition classical girls

Begin releasing 111 special edition classical girls, with some being given away

111 ETH

Production of Palazzo begins

We’ll be making twitter cover pictures for classical girls to study in

222 ETH

Launch in-house NFT Kids Charity Club

The Cryptocracy Club. It will be the first of its kind ! More info at launch!

333 ETH

$33,333 to Justice Centre Canada

444 ETH

Release of real life green screen shots with models against the backgrounds from Classical Girls

555 ETH

Release of Christina Carlson music video “Valkyries” NFT.

For the video, we will be crafting our own beautiful cloaks with the artists depicted on the back.The cloak is designed to be the official gown that a Classical Girl is given when she is ennobled as a Valkyrie in the music video scene.
There will be a competition to participate in the video where select fans can have the same exclusive cloak made for them with either their face or their classical girl on the back so they too can be ennobled as Valkyries in the scene! In the future we may feature a cheaper, less exclusive version in the merch!

777 ETH

Classical Men NFT - the sequel - production begins

Together with Classical Girls , these Classical Men will be able to court with Classical Girls in order to create Classical Babies and Classical Families with their own unique values . This will simultaneously be set up with an optional matchmaking service capabilities for people with similar Classical values. Classical Men will feature a grand tour of European museums.

1111 ETH

Reintroduce the Grand Tour.

Tour led by Classical Girl at famous art museums in North America.

2222 ETH

Masked Ball/Renfest Party at Real Castle

• Grand showing of trailer for the musical short film based on the line. Live performance by Christina Carlson with original music from the line

3333 ETH

Creation of Metaverse based on the Classical Girls International Symposium. This will serve as a portal to the education services of the Classical Girl Universe

11111 ETH

Production of Short film “Fisher Queen” based on the video concept begins

We have an extensive storyboard and the beginnings of a script written by the artists. We are writing out an entire original fairy tale universe of our own that is intended to cultivate the imaginations of all!


Classical Girls w/ Movie role

Court Musician
(Lead Musician)
Plays herself
Chieftess Ornatus
Plays the seamstress
Plays the Flutist
Belle of the Ball
(Hostess/Social Media)
Plays the Princess
Thespiana & Councilor
(actress & adviser).
Plays the Duchess
Head Almoner
(Head of in-house Charity).
Plays The Harpist


Lord Chancellor
Plays Duke Martel
Moving Paintings
Royal Wardrobe
(hair & makeup)
moving paintings
Moving Paintings
Stage Coach
(acting coach)
Portrait Maker
Chief Automaton
(automation dev)
Meta Heraldess
(mint dev)
(Advisor, NFT Sage)


An NFT profile picture project (PFP) that explores the women of the renaissance in immense detail while offering education on the art and history of the time.

0.05-0.11 ETH. TBA soon.

In a world of unimaginative NFT projects, Classical Girls captures a unique aesthetic while also offering a packed roadmap of virtuous utilities.

- Art Education; including tours of museums with our artist.
- Access to original Music & Video NFTs made for the Classical Girls project.
- Funding an in-house charity never seen before!
- Token Staking via the reintroduction of the “Florin”.
- Invitation to a real life masked ball at a castle!
- Funding an original film based on the Classical Girl Universe.
- Innovative merch line run by a successful fashion entrepreneur.
- Connection to the Cryptocracy NFT brand which features an extensive roadmap and diverse project ecosystem of many different NFT lines.

7777-11111 TBA


300-400 depending on TBA unit number

If you’re talking royals, all Classical Girl holders will become Royalty on Mint day… but as for secondary sales they will be between 5.5 % to 9.9 % TBA.

The next project from Cryptocracy NFT - featuring a completely different art style, concept and roadmap from another female led team. Follow @futuregirlsnft on Instagram and Twitter for updates!

We have 9 full time members and over 15 total collaborators.

There will be 180-222 traits and 12-13 categories.

Classical Men is the planned sequel to Classical Girls. In the future, Classical Girl & Classical Men Holders can combine their NFTs in a “Courting” process to create super rare Classical Families! This doubles as a way to meet Classical Singles with similar values in real life!

Cryptocracy NFT is the parent collaborator of the Classical Girl NFT project. It features many upcoming unique and original NFT Universes. It is the new Disney, Marvel, or Nintendo. But more importantly, it is the New Cryptocracy.